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Helpful tips from a Key West Wedding Photographer...



Before you leave home

Do your research...

Use the internet to view various photographers portfolios. Find a photographer with a style you like.


Make some calls...

Does the photographer get back to you in a reasonable amount of time? Does he or she give you a good feeling? Are you comfortable discussing your wishes with them? Trust your instincts.


Practice posing...

Pose individually and as a couple in front of a mirror. If you find a pose that you like, let your photographer know.


Do either of you have a physical characteristic that you would prefer not to show?

If there’s something that you're self-conscious about, tell your photographer. Certain poses and camera angles can maximize or minimize those areas.


Once you’re here in Key West...


The Tropical Sun...

Please be careful about tan lines and sunburn. They will show in the photos.



Chances are that most of your photos will be taken outside, even if your ceremony is indoors. This means wind. Try to pick a hair style that will minimize hair from being blown across your face. This is not a good thing for photographs. This is even more important at the beach or on a boat.



Even if you never wear make-up, it is a good idea for your wedding photographs and video. It will look more subtle in the pictures than it does in the mirror. It's also a good idea to have a small bag containing powder, lipstick, tissues and a comb for touch-ups. Also a handkerchief for “touch-ups”.



Dress for the weather. Key West can get pretty hot in the summer and you want to look and feel as comfortable as possible. A black tux in 93 degrees at the beach might not be the best choice. In group photographs plain clothing in light colors looks great. If you want to go with "Aloha Wear," try to choose prints that don't clash with each other or with your bouquet.



Please have a good idea of what groupings you would like photographed, and make sure that everybody knows about this and is in agreement. This will make your “photo session” smooth and efficient.


Real important...

Be on time. I can’t overemphasize this one too much. A lot of my shoots are at sunset. This gives me a rather short window of good lighting and then it’s too dark to get any more shots. The time schedule has been carefully picked to allow for the pictures that you want, and even a fifteen minute delay can be a problem. The sunset just won’t wait for anyone.


And finally...

Relax. It's your wedding day...enjoy it. And, nothing looks better then a happy bride and groom!


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